OACPS publishes a range of publications on behalf of the Secretariat and via the projects and programmes that it implements.

Institutional Publications

Strategic Plan of action for fisheries and aquaculture-2030

The fisheries and aquaculture sector is vital to all
79 Member States and 6 Regions of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS). It contributes to our sustainable development and trade opportunities, and to our peoples’ livelihoods, health and nutrition. Recognising th is, the 3rd Meeting of ACP Ministers in-charge of Fisheries and Aquacult ure held in 2012, ado pted a Strategic Plan of Action for Fisheries and Aquacult ure 2012-2016, which they subsequently extended to 2020.

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Strategic Plan 2022-2025

The overall objective of our organisation is to be a well-respected and effective player in the multilateral arena. Through South-South and Triangular Cooperation, it will contribute to stronger and more effective multilateralism, based on its rich and relevant diversity in economic, political, social, and cultural experiences and approaches.

Our Strategic Plan charts the Secretariat’s transition over the next three years. In an effort to become a Centre of Excellence, its structure, management systems, and work processes will be modernised. Its capacities will be adapted to better support the organisation, the Member States, and Regions. The financing of the Secretariat will be put on a stable and sustainable foundation.

Our Strategic Plan reflects our ambition for change, our aspiration for excellence, our commitment to deliver results, and our goal to make a meaningful difference to the lives of the peoples of the OACPS.


Annual report 2021

The Annual Report for 2021 outlines the major activities undertaken by the Secretariat as the OACPS took the first steps towards becoming the OACPS of the future. Working alongside the Organs of the OACPS, the Secretariat achieved major milestones.

These included the adoption of the new organisational structure at the 112th Session of the Council of Ministers and the conclusion of the negotiations for the new OACPS-EU Partnership Agreement, which culminated in the initialing of the Agreement by the OACPS and European Union (EU) Chief Negotiators in April 2021, the launch of the launch of the Research and Innovation Programme (R&I) and the Climate Services and Related Applications Programme (ClimSA), both of which are already producing results within their target audiences.

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Annual reports