Committee of Ambassadors

The Committee of Ambassadors is the second decision-making body of the OACPS. It acts on behalf of the Council of Ministers between ministerial sessions. It is composed of the Ambassadors or one representative from every Member of the OACPS. The role of the Committee of Ambassadors consists of:

  • Assisting the Council of Ministers in its functions and carrying out any mandate assigned; and
  • Monitoring the implementation of the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement with a view to achieving its stated objectives.

The Committee presents its activity report at every session of the Council of Ministers.

There is a Bureau of the Committee of Ambassadors that coordinates the work of the Committee of Ambassadors. It is composed of nine members:

  • Four African representatives (one per region)
  • One representative from the Caribbean
  • One representative from the Pacific.
  • A Chairperson selected on the basis of a rotation among the four African regions, the Caribbean, and the Pacific, to ensure that the six regions have an equal opportunity to chair the Committee of Ambassadors.
  • The outgoing Chair and incoming Chair as full members.

The acts of the Committee of Ambassadors can take the form of decisions, resolutions or recommendations which are adopted on the basis of consensus among its members.

The Committee has six technical Subcommittees which cover the following areas:

  • Political, social, humanitarian and cultural affairs
  • Trade and Commodity Protocols
  • Investment and the private sector
  • Sustainable development
  • Financing and development
  • Establishment and Finance

Contact details for Diplomatic Representations of the Member States of the OACPS
Members of the Bureau of the Committee of Ambassadors
Members of the Subcommittees of the Committee of Ambassadors
Rules of procedure of the Committee of Ambassadors