OACPS Staff Directory

The Secretariat of the OACPS is headed by a Secretary-General, who serves as the Chief Executive Office. The staff of the OACPS function within one of the five departments of the Secretariat, which are managed by Assistant Secretaries-General, and the Office of the Secretary-General, which is managed by the Chief of Staff.

Office of the Secretary-General

Department of Political Affairs and Human Development (PAHD)

Department of Sustainable Economic Transformation and Trade (SETT)

  • Junior LODGE
    Assistant Secretary-General, T: 02 743.06.36,
  • Felix MAONERA
    Head of the Geneva Office, T: 0041 227.481.490,
  • Yvonne CHILESHE
    Expert – Value Chains, T: 02 743.06.91,
  • Christiane LEONG HO YNG
    Expert – Investment and Trade Facilitation, T: 02 743.06.21,
  • Anthony BRAND
    Expert – Micro, Medium sized Enterprises(MFME) T: 02 743.06.58,
  • Janet O. ABU-KENNEDY
    Secretary to Assistant Secretary-General, T: 02 743.06.40,

Department of Macro-Economics, Development Finance and Intra-ACP Programming (MFDP)

  • Banata TCHALE SOW
    Assistant Secretary-General, T: 02 743.06.64,
  • Patrice NIYONGABO
    Head of the OACPS Centre for South-South and Triangular Cooperation,
  • Bagnénou LAMIEN
    Expert – Global economic and financial matters, macroeconomic issues and budget support, T: 02 743.06.32,
  • Motooa RAMMONENG
    Expert – Projects Portfolio Management and Quality Control, T: 02 743.06.84,
    Secretary, T: 02 743.06.39,

Department of Environment and Climate Action (ECA)

  • Cristelle PRATT
    Assistant Secretary General, T: 02 743.06.51,
  • Peter Nyongesa WEKESA
    Expert – Environment and Natural Resource Governance, T: 02 743.06.34,
  • Othniel YILA
    Expert – Climate Change and Resilience, T: 02 743.06.38,
  • Cherryl NEWMAN
    Secretary to Assistant Secretary-General, T: 02 743.06.70,

Department of Administration, Finance & Human Resources (AFHR)