Brussels, 31 October 2013/ ACP: More than 15 EU-funded programmes aimed at sustainable growth in ACP countries were showcased at the 4th Open Day of the Sustainable Economic Development and Trade (SEDT) division of the ACP Secretariat in Brussels.
Assistant Secretary General Mr Achille Bassilekin III opened the event, laying out the key questions to be discussed by participants.
“How effective are these programmes in supporting ACP member states and regions in achieving this paramount objective of efficient formulation and successful implementation of policies aimed at facilitating poverty eradication and achieving sustainable development? Are these programmes operating in a coherent and results oriented manner and how can ACP missions and regional organisations better access these programmes?
“These are among other questions that today’s event will attempt to respond to in providing a forum to facilitate flow of information and at the same time catalyse this dialogue and interactions between ACP programme managers and representatives from ACP missions,” he told the meeting.
Some of the presentations included, amongst others, the Intra-ACP Programme to support the Global Climate Change Alliance (EUR 40 million), the ACP-EU Microfinance Framework (EUR 15 million), ACP-EU Energy Facility (EUR 200 million), and the Competitive Industries and Innovation Programme (EUR 20 million).
In his welcome remarks, Head of Unit at DG DEVCO dealing with Sub-Saharan Africa and ACP-wide regional programmes Mr Denis Salord said the event was especially welcome as the European Development Fund (EDF) nears the start of its new cycle for the 2014-2020 period.
He underlined the importance of the Intra-ACP funding instrument, worth EUR 3.5 billion under EDF 11, targeted at intra-ACP and inter-regional cooperation programmes as well as financing the ACP-EU joint institutions. This includes all the programmes on show at the Open Day.
Mr Salord said that since 2008, the ACP and EU have collaborated strongly make the Intra-ACP instrument strategic, focused and results-oriented.
(Pictured: Organiser of the SEDT Open Day Assistant Secretary General in Charge of Sustainable Economic Development and Trade, Mr Achille Bassilekin III; Meeting participants)
– ACP Press