Brussels, 11 November 2015/ ACP: The ACP Group of States is gravely concerned by current developments in the situation in Burundi, which risk escalating significantly, with catastrophic humanitarian consequences for the country and states in that region.
The ACP Group of States urges the parties to exercise restraint so as to spare the Burundi population already traumatised by the cycles of conflicts which have plagued the country for many years, any new and countless suffering.
The ACP Group of States also encourages the parties involved to engage in dialogue in the framework of the mediation led by H.E. Mr. Yoweri Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda, whose efforts the Group supports for the restoration of peace and stability, which Burundi has enjoyed in recent years.
The ACP Group of States calls on the international community to unreservedly support the international mediation efforts and to provide humanitarian aid to the affected communities, particularly displaced persons and refugees.
The Group is launching an appeal to the Burundi Authorities to continue and consolidate the democratic process initiated in the country and so create the most favourable conditions to foster peace and development.
The Group of States condemns all forms of violence, in particular the destruction of property and targeted assassinations in Burundi.
The ACP Group of States calls on the International Community to encourage all the Government’s efforts to restore security and initiate an inter-Burundian dialogue.
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