ACP Press Release: 11 April 2011— The Ninth Meeting of National and Regional Authorising Officers (NAOs) of the ACP countries commenced this morning in Brussels. In his welcome address, the Secretary-General, Dr. Mohamed Ibn Chambas, underlined the crucially important role that NAOs play in our regional member countries as development implementation agents.

He also pointed out that, in the face of various challenges that we face in our various countries, it is essential that as development partners to the European Union, ACP member countries must invest the very notion of partnership with concrete and real meaning by ensuring that it is grounded in shared objectives as well as mutually shared responsibilities and accountability for results.

The ACP Secretary-General noted that the ACP countries have continued to demonstrate their unfailing commitment to combating poverty, a commitment that they naturally share with the EU in considering the fight against poverty as an important aspect of the partnership.

“We must steadfastly continue to simplify the rules governing our partnership so as to adapt them, in a flexible and responsive manner, to changing circumstances and needs,” Dr Chambas told the participants.

The ACP Secretary-General believes that despite the irreversible challenges of globalisation, there is still a place for a true ACP-EU partnership capable of making a contribution and providing a concrete and effective response to the objectives of lasting peace, security and poverty eradication.

The senior officials’ meeting is being attended by members of ACP governments and regional organisations that are in charge of the implementation of the European Development Fund (EDF) National and Regional Indicative programmes.

The European Development Fund (EDF) is the main instrument for European Community aid for development cooperation in the ACP countries and the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT).

Dr. Chambas hoped that the senior officials during their two days of deliberations will come out with a detailed report for consideration during the 9th ministerial meeting, which takes place on Wednesday and Thursday.

“We hope, and we are persuaded, that their deliberations will serve to strengthen the determination that exists, on both the European and the ACP sides, to pursue and deepen the privileged relationship that we all cherish,” he concluded.


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