Brussels, 15 June 2013/ ACP PRESS RELEASE: Worrying instability in the African states of Guinea and the Central African Republic will be urgent topics on the table at the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly (JPA), to be held 17-19 June in Brussels.
The Joint Assembly, which includes politicians from 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries and their peers from the European Union, will also hold a key debate on the situation in Mali, as well as a session on the threats posed by military coups and the role of the international community.
“The wellbeing of literally millions of our people is at stake in these types of conflicts. The impacts of political instability touch a range of key areas – from economic stability, to the health of our people, to human rights. It is important to examine these situations together, working under the pillar of political dialogue enshrined in the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement, and to see not only how the EU and the ACP member countries can help, but also how to further engage the international community on these critical issues,” stated the co-president of the JPA and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya, Hon. Joyce Laboso.
Meeting on Friday 14 June for preparatory sessions, the ACP Parliamentary Assembly heard updates from its Political Committee on security issues in ACP States, including the Central African Republic, where the takeover by armed rebels in March saw the suspension of the constitution, closure of the National Assembly, and ensuing civil disorder. Meanwhile, in the West African state of Guinea, elections may be delayed as political parties work out disputes after bouts of violent demonstrations.
The Committee also reported that the crisis in Mali is easing since last year’s coup and subsequent hostilities. Following a roadmap for transition back to democracy, presidential elections are set for 28 July 2013, to which the Joint Parliamentary Assembly has been invited to observe.
Debates on political security issues will take place on Tuesday, with resolutions anticipated for the Central African Republic and Guinea cases. Also on the agenda next week are ACP-EU Economic Partnership Agreements, violence against women and children, food security, human resources for health and agricultural policies facing food security and climate change.
– ACP Press
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