ACP PRESS RELEASE – 12 September 2011: Experts and Ambassadors will gather at the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP Group) headquarters in Brussels this Friday, 16 September, to discuss critical topics in managing the exploitation of mineral resources in the ACP region.

The one-day strategic seminar, titled “Stakes, challenges and perspectives on mineral resources management in ACP countries”, is hosted by the ACP Group, as part of an ongoing series of meetings focused on sustainable development for its member states.

“The African, Caribbean and Pacific regions are considered natural reservoirs of a significant portion of the world’s mineral resources, although these are still largely untapped,” said ACP Assistant Secretary General and Head of the Department of Sustainable Economic Development and Trade, Mr Achille Bassilekin III.

“It is believed that with the steady growth of the global population, which some estimate will reach 9 billion by 2050, the increase in the number of emerging countries and the demand for manufactured goods will also drive up the global demand for lead, zinc, copper and other rare metals.

“The global competition for access to mineral resources could prove dangerous for the most vulnerable countries, such as those of the ACP Group. If there is no strategic vision for tackling these issues, the consequences for these countries, and the world as a whole, could be dire.”Roundtable discussions will look at key challenges facing ACP countries, mainly in developing the capacity to exploit their natural resources within an ethical and sustainable development framework, while easing any negative social and environmental effects, and maximizing social development.

ACP Ambassadors are expected to further mobilize around the issue of mineral resources, with a view to explore ways and resources for the optimal implementation of the All-ACP Framework of Action for the Mineral Resources Sector.

Panellists will include experts in field of mineral resource strategy and management, representatives from donor agencies and financial institutions as well as those from civil society organisations.

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