Kingston, JAMAICA30 July 2012/ ACP Fish II/ ACP: Jamaica’s efforts to protect and resuscitate its aquaculture industry is benefiting from technical expertise from the European Union (EU), to formulate an aquaculture land and water use development plan. This, as the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Fish II Programme rolls out its support to strengthen fisheries management in ACP countries.

A special workshop to be held tomorrow Tuesday 31 July will announce research findings carried out under the programmeon best practices and opportunities in aquaculture in the area. The Director of the Aquaculture Branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries welcomes the support, which will result in the delineation of dedicated aquaculture areas for the protection and preservation of the industry.

“Over the past three weeks, representatives from the Aquaculture Branch with the assistance of the Rural Physical Planning Unit and under the technical guidance of aquaculture and geographic information system specialists have utilised a participatory approach to determine the best practices and production opportunities for fresh water farming, oyster culture and mariculture,” commented Mrs Avery Smikle.

“Additionally, zonation of areas most appropriate for aquaculture activities was made using existing data from several Government agencies and computer modelling. Utilising questionnaires, case studies, rapid appraisals and focus group meetings, data were collected in seven parishes across the country,” she said.

The findings from this field research activity will be unveiled at a consultation workshop being convened for Tuesday, July 31, 2012 at the Twickenham Park Farmer’s Training Centre to present and discuss the results. The workshop is expected to attract aquaculture experts and stakeholders from the private and public sector. The opportunity will further be used to demonstrate the preparation and tasting of Tilapia to promote its consumption.

Information garnered from the workshop will be fed into the finalisation of the Blueprint for Aquaculture Action Plan.

“The cornerstone of the Programme is devising sound policies and plans to ensure sustainable use of fisheries and the development of value-added activities. Therefore, in addition to improving plans and policies at the regional and national levels, ACP Fish II will also see results such as reinforcing the Region’s control and enforcement capabilities; reinforcing research strategies and initiatives as well as developing business supportive regulatory framework and increasing knowledge sharing at all levels in the sector,” commented Dr Sandra Grant, Regional Programme Manager for the ACP Fish II.

The ACP Fish II Programme is a four and a half year, EUR€30.0M programme funded by the European Union through the EDF. It has been formulated to strengthen fisheries management, improve food security and alleviate poverty in 78 African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states.

– ACP-EU Fish II Programme

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