Brussels, 15 January 2016/ ACPCP/ ACP: A new study on ACP cultural training courses, published by the ACPCultures + Programme, will help upskill practitioners and upscale the cultural sector in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.
The research contains new information on best practices, issues and challenges in the cultural training sector in ACP regions, training opportunities in the creative sector, strengthening skills for cultural project management as well as marketing artistic events, and other areas of interest.
The study on ACP cultural training courses provides a comparative analysis on the availability and accessibility of cultural management and cultural entrepreneurship training programs in ACP countries. Fast and convenient to consult, this study identifies best practices, strengths and weaknesses, issues and challenges of the cultural training sector in ACP countries.
The analysis is accompanied by a directory of ACP institutes and/or cultural training programs. Without being exhaustive, around 200 training programs have been inventoried. They are presented in the form of data sheets, highlighting information such as the country where the training takes place, the delivered curriculum, duration, pedagogical principles, accessibility conditions and possible prerequisites, obtained certificate, etc.
Collected and analysed in 2015, data were gathered directly at the source, either by sending questionnaires to the representatives of the institutions and training programs or through individual interviews and online research.
This database of ACP artistic and cultural training courses is available in FileMakerPro and Excel format. The FileMakerPro program is accessible for free for one month anddownloadable here. In addition, a FileMakerPro Directory User Guide is available at this page. In the Excel document, researches can be made through several filters such as artistic discipline, country, region, type of certificate, etc.
The directory will be regularly updated by the Technical Assistance of the ACPCultures+ Programme. Do not hesitate to share any information on artistic and cultural training programs in ACP countries by returning the completed form to the following address: