South-South Cooperation

Brussels, 25 January 2016/ ACP: Developing countries in the South offer a myriad of development solutions – knowledge, experiences and good practices, innovative policies, technology, know-how, and resources – that have proven cost-effective and have huge potential to be up-scaled for the benefit of others.

How these developing countries cooperate and collaborate amongst each other for development goals – what is known as South-South Cooperation (SSC) – will be the focus of a joint symposium to be hosted at the ACP House in Brussels on 11-12 February, under the theme: Integrated Rural Development: Strengthening Women and Youth Empowerment through Jobs and Entrepreneurship.

SSC is complementary to north-south cooperation and in many cases involves a more developed partner in the equation, resulting in Triangular Cooperation (TrC), which also has a critical role to play.

The symposium, co-organised by the ACP Secretariat, the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), supported by the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLC), will bring together national government representatives from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific to hear presentations and take part in discussions led by key note speakers and high level experts.

Participants will be able to share best practices and identify priority areas for up-scaling practical solutions, at the policy, institutional and grassroots level that place women and youth at the centre.

The symposium will also chart the mechanisms through which SSC and TrC can support the exchange and transfer of the best practices in the priority areas identified, including sessions on:

– Skills development and enhancing institutional capacity

– Access to technology

– Access to efficient business services.

South-South Cooperation is playing a greater role than ever before in the international development cooperation landscape and innovation in the South is generating new tools and partnerships for tackling issues of food insecurity, poverty and sustainable agriculture.

This symposium will aim to advance the ACP’s strategic priorities for women and youth in agriculture and rural areas using a sustainable food systems approach, and mobilise South-South (SSC) and Triangular Cooperation (TrC) as key mechanisms for delivering on this agenda.

A full programme of the event will be available soon. Download flyer.

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