Brussels, 16 May 2014/ HPN/ ACP: The Parliament of Haiti has ratified the revision of ACP-EU Cotonou Partnership Agreement during its session of 30 April 2014, according to local reports. The European Union representative in the country has welcomed the action.
EU Ambassador to the Republic of Haiti, H.E Javier Niño Perez said: "I congratulate the Haitian authorities for ratification which comes at the 25th anniversary of cooperation between Haiti and European Union. This is a key step in strengthening our ties of cooperation to transform Haiti into emerging economy by 2030."
The Cotonou Partnership Agreement is the blueprint for cooperation and interaction between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. Originally signed in 2000, it is normally revised every five years, covering three main pillars of collaboration including development cooperation, trade, and political dialogue, working towards the eradication of poverty embodying, promoting sustainable development and better integration of ACP countries into the world economy.
Ambassador Perez added that it is now up to Parliament to also ratify the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) CARIFORUM – EU, in order to advance regional integration and get full access to the European market.
“The issue of the EPA is to allow Haiti to conquer new markets for sectors with high added value,” he said.
– HPN/ ACP Press