Brussels, 2 October 2012/ ACP: An Open Day event Brussels this week aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries in the area of sustainable economic development, while promoting a “green path” to reducing poverty and building economies.

Under the theme “Sustainable Economic Development Dynamics in ACP countries”, participants at the event this Thursday 11 October will hear from key environmental organisations, experts from ACP countries and programme managers of ACP-EU related projects.
With more than 20 presentations and a range of exhibitions and information stands on display, agencies such as the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Pacific Islands Forum, Caribbean Community (CARICOM), the African Union (AU), the Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA), ACP-EU Energy Facility and ACP-EU Fish II Programme will highlight the critical links between economic development and environmental sustainability. The programme will also review the conclusions of the United Nations Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development held in June this year.
“It is a very significant and central issue for us in developing ACP countries. We are amongst the most vulnerable to the effects of the global financial crisis, but at the same time highly dependent on our environment and natural resources to sustain lives. The green economy concept embraces the economic, social and environmental aspects of development in order to find long term solutions that can benefit our communities today and over the next generations,” said Assistant Secretary General and Head of the SEDT Department at the ACP which is organising the event, Mr Achille Bassilekin III.
The issue of sustainable development came to the fore when the first United Nations Conference onf Environment and Development adopted the Rio Declaration, in 1992, to address all areas where human actions impact the environment.
Twenty years later, the United Nations Rio+20 Conference highlighted the concept of the Green Economy, in the searchas a key tool to achieve sustainable development while facing acute challenges such as the global financial crises, volatile energy and food prices as well as new and emerging trends including climate change effects and increasing water scarcity.
“The Open Day is to help us explore these issues – to look carefully at the challenges we face and find solid, effective and sustainable solutions to our economic problems,” said Mr Bassilekin.
More than 100 participants are expected from ACP embassies, regional organisations, civil society groups, programme management units, and the general public. The programme runs for the whole day followed by a cocktail.
*All media are invited to cover this event.

For registration and more information, contactfaith@acp.intor

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(Photo: PIP Programme table at the 2nd SEDT Open Day event last year)

– ACP Press