Malta, 6 October 2017/ EC/ ACP: In the framework of the 'Our Ocean' Conference, the European Union and the group of 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific states have reaffirmed today their support to the implementation of SDG 14 and have stressed their commitment to an ambitious, long-term vision of protection, valorisation, and sustainable use of our oceans, as well as to sustainable blue growth, and their willingness to intensify their coordinated action and cooperation.
Noting with great appreciation the tangible interest that has surrounded the preparation of the Conference hosted by the EU and the wide participation of relevant stakeholders from international and regional organisations, the civil society, academia, and the private sector, the EU and the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, representing the large majority of Small Island Developing States, have agreed:
– Insofar as access, use, and management of vital marine resources, the EU and ACP countries will cooperate to increase convergence towards mutual commitments and undertake tangible actions to strengthen ocean governance worldwide, reduce pressure on the oceans, improve ocean research and data; and to reinforce actions for sustainable inclusive growth of the blue economy for the benefit all.
– Ocean governance is a strategic domain that offers a sizeable opportunity for the EU-ACP partnership to exploit to the fullest its potential of the largest ambitious alliance in the world
– The challenge of keeping our oceans healthy, productive, safe, secure, and resilient shall be addressed with the participation of all relevant actors and stakeholders, including local authorities, the civil society organisations, the research community, and the private sector.
The EU and the ACP Group of countries stand united in calling for effective global actions to manage and use the world's oceans and their resources, in ways that keep our oceans healthy, productive, safe, secure and resilient.
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