Brussels, 26 June 2014/ ACP: The 19th meeting of the Steering and Monitoring Committee of the EU-Africa Partnership on cotton (COS-coton) will be held on 2nd July 2014, from 9.30 am at the ACP House.

It has been 10 years since the Paris Forum which was held in July 2004, brought together African cotton producing countries and Member States of the European Union and created the EU-Africa Partnership on cotton.

The Programme aims at achieving the following objective: the sustainable improvement in competitiveness, added value and viability of the African cotton value chains, so as to maximise the impact on the income of producers.

The Main stages of the Partnership will be presented during the 19th meeting of COS-coton. It is an opportunity to give updates on the implementation of the Support Programme for the consolidation of the Action Framework under the EU-Africa Partnership on Cotton and the state of the “cotton question” at the international level.

A cocktail will be organised at the ACP House in the margins of the meeting, to start celebrating the 10th year of existence and achievements of this Partnership on cotton. It will be a prelude to the end of the year celebration which will take place during the 20th meeting of the COS-coton.

All ACP-EU partners and colleagues are welcome to attend, beginning 18h30 at ACP House.

– ACP Secretariat, SEDT Department – Commodities Unit