The ACP Council of Ministers at its 100th Session held at ACP House, in Brussels, Belgium from 10th to 12th December 2014;

Expressing its Deep Concern on the humanitarian impact of the eruption of the volcano of Fogo in Cabo Verde, which started in the morning of 23 November 2014 and affecting the entire population of Chã das Caldeiras and the surrounding areas, totalling nearly 2000 people and still spewing lava to this day;

Noting that the lava flow from this eruption has affected considerable agricultural land in Chã das Caldeiras and the surrounding areas, which threatens the livelihoods of inhabitants in the short and medium term;

Further noting with concern that the large emissions of toxic gases from this volcanic eruption, are causing a serious public health emergency to the local population;

Strongly commending the efforts of the Government of Cabo Verde, the United Nations specialized agencies and programmes, the European Commission (ECHO), the Community of Portuguese-speaking countries, ECOWAS and, more particularly, all those countries which have supported Cabo Verde’s national emergency health plan, and helped to meet the humanitarian needs of the affected population including by providing support to enable the many displaced school–aged children to resume education;

Observing that additional needs to the humanitarian response for the displaced population, will be required in particular, transportation costs, food provision, water and sanitation, household supplies, electricity, among others;

Emphasizing the need to support the rehousing of the displaced population as well as rejuvenating their economic activities;


Encourages the specialized agencies and programmes of the United Nations System and the International Community to continue to support Cabo Verde in this humanitarian crisis resulting from the eruption of the volcano of Fogo;

Calls on the international community to provide the Government of Cabo Verde with specific assistance, including communication equipment, medical equipment and supplies, transportation equipment, and on-site technical support in the area of volcanology;

Appeals to ACP Member States, in the context of the solidarity of the ACP Group of States, to make contributions towards the humanitarian response to this volcanic eruption in Cabo Verde;

Urges further the international community to support the specific needs of the displaced children due to the volcanic eruption in Cabo Verde, particularly with respect to additional school equipment, adequate nutrition, child protection and psychological support services;

Recommends that resources be earmarked from the existing EDF Bridging Facility to support the humanitarian needs and requirements for the reallocation and the social and economic reintegration of the populations of Chã das Caldeiras and the surrounding areas in Cabo Verde that are affected by the eruption of the volcano of Fogo.