Brussels, 10 October 2016/ ACP: The ACP-EU TradeComII Programme is accepting concept papers from a wide range of actors who wish to carry out trade-related programmes, training, research and networking activities for the benefit of African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

Trade research or training institutions, academic institutions with specific trade programmes, export promotion or agencies, private sector advocacy organisations; and certain international organisations are invited to make submissions.

At an information meeting held on Monday 26 September 2016 in the ACP Secretariat premises in Brussels, [ video of the live stream available here: ]. Potential beneficiaries of the grant contracts were alerted that the deadline for submission of concept notes is 8 November 2016 at 4pm Brussels time. The Information Meeting was held following the publication of a call for proposals for grants by the intra-ACP TradeCom II Programme, supported by the ACP Secretariat and the European Union.

The purpose of the TradeCom II programme is to enhance the capacity of ACP countries to formulate and implement suitable trade policies; assist ACP countries to implement EPAs, regional and international trade agreements to their benefit; and strengthen ACP Private Sector competitiveness by supporting trade facilitation and trade promotion.

The call aims at enhancing sustainable North-South, South-South and Intra-ACP trade research and capacity building actions. The priorities are to support:

– activities and actions of the ACP trade-related capacity-building organisations for implementation of the EPAs and WTO agreements;

– trade-related training and research activities in ACP countries;

– trade-related programmes of ACP business associations (such as chambers of commerce, Farmers’ associations, confederation of industries, producers’ associations, professional associations) in the area of trade; and

– networking activities of trade-related think-tanks and similar organisations.

A maximum budget of Euros 14.4 million is available for grants sizing between Euros 1 and 3 million. Cost sharing of at least 20% is required.

It is anticipated that through the programmes and projects that will be implemented under the grant, the ACP States will also be able to surmount various challenges related to the implementation of various commitments under the EPAs and of the complex outcome of the Ninth and Tenth WTO Ministerial Conferences as well as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This will be possible if capacitated to do so.

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