The ACP Group is shocked to learn of the attack on the residence of President Alpha Condé, President of the Republic of Guinea, by a group of soldiers on Tuesday 19 July 2011. The ACP Group firmly condemns this aborted coup d'etat and attempted assassination of the President of Guinea, and reiterates its rejection of accession to power by violence or unconstitutional means. The ACP Group renews its support for President Alpha Condé, who was democratically elected in elections adjudged to have been largely free and fair and accepted by all Guineans and applauded by the international community – and encourages him to continue his programme to strengthen both democracy and the rule of law in Guinea. The Secretary-General of the ACP Group, Dr Mohamed Ibn Chambas, calls upon Guineans to jealously defend their young democracy against military adventurists and urges them to move forward with the holding of legislative elections so as to consolidate the rule of law and accountable governance. Brussels, 20 July 2011