Thenext Brussels Development Briefingwilltackle thetopic of ‘Food,geography and traditions:Protecting agriculturaltraditional products’, bylookingat the challenges andopportunities forprotectingtraditionalknowledge andregistered agriculturalproducts in asustainable way.

The first sessionwill lookatdifferentways ofpreservingtraditional knowledge: frameworks,processes and tools, andwilldiscuss thevarious frameworks, uses andtools toprotect andpreservetraditional agricultural andfood products, aswell astheiradded value interms of quality, reputation, competitiveness,profitability and support to biodiversity.

The second panelwillreview thepotential oforigin-linkedtools for ACP producers, bylookingespeciallyatsustainability factors.

Thethird panelwillconcludewithsomekey future actions in support to ACP countries.

The Briefingwilltake place onWednesday15th May 2013 (9h00-13h15)at the ACP Secretariat, room C.

Youcanview the programme andregister onlineat: