Brussels, 22 October 2015/ ACP: Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU) is a major challenge and concern for ACP countries, a number of which have faced sanctions under the European Union’s IUU Regulation.

The issue will be the focus of the next Brussels Development Briefing, scheduled for 27th October at the ACP House, as part of a series of discussions on ACP-EU development issues organised by the Technical Centre for Rural and Agricultural Development (CTA), the European Commission’s DG DEVCO, and the ACP Secretariat.

The briefing will focus on the successful cooperation, engagement and initiatives undertaken by a number of ACP countries with key partners, notably the European Commission, in order to combat IUU and regain market access for their fisheries products into the EU market.

More than 50 ACP member states are coastal states, most of them with important coasting fishing communities, exposed to IUU fishing. Experts estimate the total value of current illegal and unreported fishing losses worldwide to be between US$10 billion and US$23.5 billion annually, representing 11 to 26 million tons. Developing countries are most at risk from illegal fishing, with total estimated catches in West Africa being 40% higher than reported catches. Not only is the practice is detrimental to fishing fleets operating legally, it also contributes to overexploitation of fish stocks and is a hindrance to the recovery of fish populations and ecosystems.

The objectives of next week’s briefing are to:

  • document and review the key ACP and ACP-EU partnerships and dialogues on combating IUU
  • present the major achievements and successes of ACP countries in combating IUU, at both the national and regional levels
  • consider the opportunities to upscale or replicate sound methods and approaches detailed in the successful case studies
  • further dialogue on strengthening intra-ACP and ACP-EU cooperation to combat IUU, identify future risks and build capacity to realise future opportunities in the fisheries sector.

This Brussels Briefing is meant to be a follow-up to the 2009 Briefing organised by CTA on “Fighting against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing: Impacts and challenges for ACP countries” in order to measure the progress achieved in fighting IUU.

The speakers, who include high-level IUU experts, policy makers and industry representatives from ACP and EU public and private sectors, NGO’s and academia, will present the developments and successes on combating IUU.

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