Brussels, 25 October 2013/ ACP:Ethiopian women’s rights activist Bogaletch Gebre was welcomed for a special discussion session at the ACP House on Thursday, October 24th before receiving the 2013 Jean Rey International Prize at the European Parliament the same day.

The Chair of the Ambassadorial Sub-Committee on Political Affairs and Human Development, Ambassador Mary Margaret Muchada of Zimbabwe applauded Mrs Bogoletch in her work, calling her “a distinguished daughter of Africa” and a “champion of women’s emancipation and empowerment.”
“Mrs. Gebre has demonstrated this through her early struggles for girl-child education in Ethiopia, Israel and the United States of America. She has continued to promote women development issues through her organization KMG Ethiopia with the objective of helping African Women become part of the African story and to push back against the cultural norms that limited opportunities for women across Africa,” said Ambassador Muchada.
“With unwavering efforts with her colleagues at KMG, they have reduced the rate Female Genital Mutilation (FMG) from virtually 100% to just 3% in the areas they have worked in. At KMG they continue to promote Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights activities, particularly in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS.”
Mrs. Gebre is also a 2012-2013 Winner of the King Baudouin Foundation Prize for Development in Africa.
(Pictured: [TOP] ACP Assistant Secretary General Mme Michele Dominique Raymond, Ambassador Mary Margaret Muchada of Zimbabwe and guest of honour Mrs Bogaletch Gebre, founder of KMG Ethiopia and winner of the 2013 Jean Rey International Prize; [ABOVE] Bogaletch Gebre and meeting participants in the Ambassadors of Lesotho and Zimbabwe and the Director of the Brussels Office for UN Women, Ms Dagmar Schumacher [second from right])
– ACP Press