Mr. Georges Singana Maniuri

Throughout his career, Mr. Maniuri has played central roles in important developments for the country, including the revival of Vanuatu’s foreign services and the establishment of diplomatic missions in strategic locations around the world. Mr. Maniuri has also played prominent roles in the negotiations for the accession of Vanuatu to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), and for the Pacific Island Trade Countries Trade Agreement (PICTA) and ACP-EU Economic Partnership Agreements. He also participated in Vanuatu’s delegations to major international meetings of the United Nations, the WTO as well as ACP-EU Council of Ministers.

Mr. Maniuri served as the National Authorising Officer (NAO) for the European Development Fund (EDF) for a number of years, and is currently on key national commissions such as the Board of Directors of the Vanuatu Reserve Bank and Air Vanuatu (of which he is Vice-Chair). He holds a Master’s degree in Commercial Law and Licence Droit Privé from the Université de Bordeaux in France. He is multi-lingual, speaking French, English, Bislama and Namakura.