Brussels, 26 March 2019/ACP:The severe floods and devastating impacts of Cyclone Idai have resulted in substantial loss of life and livelihoods, significant damage to public and private infrastructure and the displacement of thousands of people in the affected Southern African countries of Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

These ACP Governments have declared a state of disaster in the affected areas and have launched an urgent appeal to their ACP family, as well as bilateral and multilateral partners for assistance in rescue and relief efforts and emergency financial assistance, including: emergency supplies of tents for shelter, food supplies, medicines, chlorine to treat water, clothing, beddings, mosquito nets, and relief necessities, especially for women and children.

The ACP Secretariat has created a bank account for donations as part of the emergency procedures instituted to help the victims. Voluntary technical, logistical and financial donations to address the immediate needs of the people to meet the challenges of recovery are requested. To register your interest in making contributions in any currency Donations for victims of Cyclone Idai please inform the ACP Secretariat at , contact Dr. Natallie CORRIE-KORDAS, Expert – Humanitarian Matters & Civil Society, T: 02 743 06 38.