Brussels 12 February 2019/ACP: The Director General of Cooperation from The Foreign Ministry of Cuba, Magalys Estrada met with High level ACP representatives to reflect on Cuba’s cooperation with ACP countries during a special meeting on 7 February 2019 at ACP headquarters. The meeting was held in the framework of “Cuba days” in Belgium organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban revolution and several important anniversaries.

During the meeting, Director General Estrada and the Ambassador of Cuba in Brussels H.E. Ms Norma Goicochea Estenoz presented the results of the main cooperation programmes that Cuba offers to countries globally, with special emphasis on the activities in ACP countries.

Dr. Patrick I. Gomes and ACP Representatives expressed their gratitude to Cuba for the solidarity and cooperation it has offered for more than five decades, while at the same time recognising Cuba's contribution to the anti-apartheid movement, the reduction of illiteracy, the fight against pandemics and other diseases within the framework of cooperation in the health sector, as well as in the areas of sport and mitigating risks in the face of natural disasters.

The meeting provided the opportunity for both sides to evaluate new ideas with a view to continue developing south-south and triangular cooperation as a complement to the efforts to address the challenges facing ACP countries. The Director General noted : “The eradication of poverty, the confrontation and adaptation to climate change and the promotion of social policies that generate equality, should be central axes to develop cooperation among our nations.”

Cuba joined the ACP Group in 1998. To date, more than 190,000 Cuban aid workers have served in countries that make up the ACP Group, and 30,000 young people from these countries have been trained. At present, 6,374 cooperants work in 48 countries of the Group and 1,475 students from 74 ACP countries benefit from scholarships financed by the Cuban government.

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