Brussels, 18 September 2011: A special guest at the Committee of Ambassadors last week highlighted the powerful potential for partnership between the ACP Group and Africa’s major development organization.

CEO of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development Agency (NEPAD) Dr Ibrahim Assane Mayaki (pictured) was invited to speak to Ambassadors about the work of NEPAD and possible areas of cooperation.

“I am very humbled and pleased at the opportunity to have NEPAD represented here today, and to have NEPAD at your humble service, in the spirit of solidarity and South-South cooperation,” said Dr. Mayaki.

Adopted in 2001 by African leaders, NEPAD is a programme of the African Union (AU) with the primary objectives of poverty eradication, promotion of sustainable growth and development, and the empowerment of women through building genuine partnerships at country, regional and global levels.

It is the leading agency facilitating key development projects in the region.

Dr Mayaki said NEPAD’s current priorities lay in agricultural and infrastructural development, with both having its own strategic framework underway. South-South cooperation amongst ACP as well as non-ACP regions was also a focus area.

He said partnership with ACP will allow for valuable exchange of information and knowledge, and can help in securing resources for development projects in African states.

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