Inspector Junior Simmons meets with SG GomesAn ACP-EU Technical Seminar on Trafficking in Human Beings, with special focus on Women and Children has just ended at the ACP Secretariat, where delegates gathered to share views and make recommendations on the way forward in combatting this social affliction.

The two day meeting from 19th to 20th June 2018 was the result of an initiative of the current Bulgarian Presidency and is a part of the series of joint technical meetings convened in accordance with the decision of the ACP-EU Ministerial meeting in 2015.

Within this context, the meeting aimed, inter alia, to focus on:
(a) main challenges and EU legal and policy framework to address trafficking in human beings, focusing on Women and Children;
(b) stepping up the fight against organised criminal networks;
(c) gender dimension of trafficking in human beings;
(d) main challenges and policies to tackle trafficking in human beings in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific regions;
(e) Rights of victims of human trafficking-better protection of children’s rights;
(f) understanding demand from a development cooperation perspective;
(g) Overview of the request for technical assistance received in the area of trafficking in human beings.

(In the photograph above, Inspector Junior D.Simmons and Head of the Anti Trafficking in Persons Unit of St. Vincent & the Grenadines, meets with Secretary General Gomes)