Brussels, 22 July 2014/ ACP: The Association of ACP Ambassadors’ Spouses presented donations to beneficiaries in Rwanda and Burkina Faso, for total amount of €11 000, raised mainly through the annual charity gala dinner organised by the association earlier this year at the Sheraton Hotel.

“The funds raised will make a difference in providing support for vulnerable women in the rural areas of Burkina Faso, where the programme provides support to abused women, while initiating projects to generate revenue for the betterment of their quality of life. They will also support single women-headed homes in Rwanda to promote peace, equality while also improving the quality of lives to such families,” said President of the Spouses Association Mme. Smangele Nkosi, who is married to the Ambassador of South Africa , H.E Mr. Mxolilsi Nkosi.

The cheques were presented before the Committee of Ambassadors on 17th July 2014, namely to the L’Organisation Panafricaine des Femmes of Burkina Faso and Reseau Culturel Sangwa in Rwanda. They were awarded € 5 000 and € 6 000 respectively.

The Organisation Panafricaine de Femmes, otherwise known as POWA, was founded in 1962 with the aim of empowering women in rural areas through targeted programs such as civil rights promotion, revenue generation, HIV support and literacy. The POWA Burkina chapter was established in 1990, although its effectiveness has been hampered by the lack of physical infrastructure and equipment. The support from the Spouses Association will assist in setting up a POWA administration office in Burkina Faso and pay for budgeted overheads.

The second project, the Cultural Sangwa Network, is a non-governmental organisation founded in 2006 with the mission to assist households in accessing basic needs and promoting peace, security and socio-cultural development. The project is aimed at educating and bringing awareness to single mothers about dangers of war, and fosters dialogue between parents and children in women headed homes to promote peace and equity in communities while improving their living conditions.

The ACP Ambassadors' Spouses Association brings together representatives from African, Caribbean and Pacific countries based in Brussels. The group holds annual fund-raising events for charitable causes. This year, the association also celebrated the launch of the first edition of Cook Book Excellence, in partnership with COLEACP. The publication features ten spouses of ACP Ambassadors showcasing a range of natural recipes based on indigenous culinary practices, with the aim of promoting of agricultural produce and stimulating growth of the agro-processing industry in ACP countries.

(Photos: The President of the Committee of Ambassador H.E Dr Diodorus Kamala (far right) with the President of the Spouses Association Mme. Smangele Nkosi (far left) handing over cheques to Rwanda delegation (top), accepting on behalf of the Cultural Sangwa Network, and the delegation of Burkina Faso (above) on behalf of theThe Organisation Panafricaine de Femmes.)

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– ACP Press