Brussels, 2 March 2012/ ACP: Former President of Burundi Pierre Buyoya will call on African, Caribbean and Pacific Ambassadors at the ACP House in Brussels this afternoon to speak on peace andsecurity issues andto present his new book on inter-Burundi conflict and peacebuilding processes.

Mr Buyoya, who led the country from 1987-1993and 1996-2003is a member of the African Union's High Level Panel on Sudan.

In the presence of distinguished guests, he will give an update of ongoing negotiations between the Republic of Sudan and South Sudan, and will also present his most recent work entiled Les négociations inter-burundaises: la longue marche pour la paix [Inter-Burundian conflict: The long march to peace].

With 13 years combined as Head of state, Buyoya is up to now the longest serving Burundian President.

(Photo: BBC)

– ACP Press