Suriname, Paramaribo 04 March 2019/ACP: Parliamentarians from the Caribbean Region of the ACP Group and their European counterparts met in Paramaribo (Suriname), from 28 February to 2 March 2019.

During the meetings, representatives of the ACP-EU discussed issues pertinent to the region, such as climate change, which is a major concern in the Caribbean. Identifying and implementing effective climate adaptation and mitigation strategies is therefore high on the regional agenda.

In addition to climate change, the discussions also focussed on the regional Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), security and the political situation of the region, energy, economic growth and employment.

The ACP secretariat was represented by Assistant Secretary-General in charge of political affairs and human development, Ambassador Léonard-Emile Ognimba and Doreen Walsweer Expert in Political dialogue and Relations with International Organisations.

Communiqué of the 17th Regional Meeting of the ACP- EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in Suriname

Statement by the ACP Co-President of the Joint Parliamentary Assembly, Mr. Joseph OWONA KONO