Brussels, 24 September 2021/OACPS: Knowledge creation and sharing are fundamental to making research and innovation a driver for sustainable development. It is for this reason that the Research and Innovation Programme (R&I) of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) is launching an online platform of exchange tocross-fertilise knowledge and catalyse innovation.

The InnovationXChange Platform brings together researchers, innovators, policy-makers, academics, civil society and journalists across the 79 Member States of the OACPS, who believe that exchanging knowledge, skills, experiences and good practices on current and emerging R&I topics and challenges are key to accelerate the changes needed for a sustainable and resilient world.

Connect. Collaborate. Learn. Share. Act.

The InnovationXChange platform enables R&I actors from Members of the OACPS to:

  • Create or join discussion groups and engage with other community members (in a dedicated virtual discussion forum, called Innovation corner);
  • Contact R&I practitioners and become peers;
  • Post news, share events or opportunities;
  • Get a steady stream of content, published either by themselves or by other community members (latest discussions, news, events, opportunities, library items);
  • Have an open workspace, which may also be linked to ongoing projects, to increase visibility, develop new partnerships or find funding opportunities.

The OACPS R&I Programme is an initiative funded by the European Union and implemented by the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States.

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