The Co-Presidents of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, Ms Ana Rita Sithole (Mozambique) and Mr Carlos Zorrinho (Portugal), express their utmost condemnation of the escalating violence between the different armed forces of Sudan, which has resulted in hundreds of lives lost, including many civilians. They express their heartfelt condolences to the Sudanese who have lost family and friends in the past days and their solidarity with those who fear for their lives.

The Co-Presidents deplore the disregard of agreed humanitarian ceasefires and call on all parties concernedand their troops to cease all military action immediately and to allow for a peaceful negotiated settlement, which respects their previous commitments and the expectations of the Sudanese people. This includes making way for a swift transition to democratic rule and the control of all armed forces by a civilian government. The JPA fully supports all regional and international efforts for a peaceful solution and commends efforts by continental and regional organisations such as Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and calls on adherence to the commitments to the resolution from the Heads of State Summit held on 15 April 2023. These include an immediate cessation of hostilities, allowing unrestricted access to humanitarian aid and extending full cooperation to the IGAD Heads of States mission when it visits Khartoum.


“The escalating hostilities in  Sudan will have wider implications in the East Africa region and if unattended to would lead to a serious security and humanitarian crisis with far more  consequences,” said Ana Rita Sithole. “The dawning war must be stopped right now, and the military leaders must consider the consequences of their acts. Too much is at stake and too many lives have already been lost in this futile confrontation, that threatens the process of transition to a peaceful democracy” added Carlos Zorrinho.