In  the  Constitutive   Act  of  the  Organisation   of  African,  Caribbean and  Pacific  States (OACPS),  the Member States reaffirm  their  commitment  to the principles  and objectives of the United Nations, in particular  those set  out in the United Nations Convention against Corruption, Organised  Crime and Economic Crime, including Money Laundering. As part of its partnership  with  the EU, the OACPS  is committed  to promoting  good economic and financial  governance in its Member States.


The  OACPS therefore     welcomes  the  initiative  of  the  Association of  Certified   Fraud Examiners (ACFE)  in organising International   Fraud Awareness Week since  2000 and is honoured and humbled to be associated  with the 2023 edition of this event as a supporting organisation.


This week is  a  reminder  of the  steps  that  all stakeholders,  including public  authorities, whatever  their  role  and level  of commitment,   must  take  proactively    to  minimise  the existence  and  impact  of  fraud  by  promoting   fraud  awareness   and  education.   Fraud awareness  is essential,  especially   at a time when it is  estimated  that organisations  around the world  lose 5%  of their income and revenue to fraud…Read more