The Organisation of African, Caribbean, and Pacific States (OACPS) extends its appreciation to the Zimbabwean authorities for the invitation to observe the 2023 Harmonised Elections.


The OACPS places high value on adherence to democratic processes in all member states, as such adherence is vital for achieving sustainable and inclusive development.


Consequently, the OACPS supports the electoral process currently underway in Zimbabwe. In this context, the OACPS expresses grave concern regarding the ongoing sanctions against Zimbabwe, which adversely impact economic development and significantly affect ordinary citizens.


During an engagement with the leadership of the Republic of Zimbabwe, the OACPS was heartened by the government’s commitment to facilitate elections perceived as free, fair, and transparent, reflecting the aspirations of the people.


Having visited ten polling stations in Harare and surrounding areas on 23 August 2023, and after liaising with a range of stakeholders, including voters, the OACPS extends its congratulations to all for the transparent, peaceful, and organised conduct at these polling stations.


The OACPS acknowledges the significant number of women in roles such as polling officials, agents, and amongst the electorate. This involvement represents a significant advancement.


Furthermore, the OACPS recognises the unrestricted access provided to both local and international observers at polling stations, emphasising a dedication to transparency and accountability.


The OACPS encourages the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to exhibit diligence in all related activities, from counting and tallying ballots to announcing results.


In conclusion, the OACPS urges political parties and their supporters to respect and accept the final election outcomes. The integrity and success of this electoral process stand as a symbol of pride and advantage for both Zimbabweans and the wider African community.