Brussels. The Secretary-General of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS), Mr. Georges Rebelo Pinto Chikoti, addressed the meeting of the ACP Working Party of the European Council on Tuesday, 8 February 2023.

The ACP Working Party deals with European cooperation with the African, Caribbean, and Pacific States (now the OACPS) through the Cotonou Agreement. The Cotonou Agreement, signed in 2000, is the most comprehensive partnership agreement between the EU and developing countries. It provides a framework for cooperation in development and trade, as well as the political dimension. Its ultimate goal is to eliminate poverty in the ACP countries.

The European Union and the OACPS negotiated a successor agreement to Cotonou, the New OACPS-EU Partnership Agreement (the Samoa Agreement), and it is expected that the new agreement will be signed later this year. The New OACPS-EU Partnership Agreement will promote, inter alia, cooperation on human rights and good governance, poverty eradication and the sustainable development of Members and Regions of the OACPS.

In his address, Secretary-General Chikoti focussed on the outcomes of the 10th Summit of OACPS Heads of State and Government held in Luanda, Angola on th 9th of December 2022, key OACPS priorities for 2023, and the OACPS-EU partnership.

The OACPS Secretary-General said the Luanda Summit called for international bodies to be more inclusive and representative to build a more equitable world. He added that the Luanda Summit stressed the need for the OACPS to continue its efforts in promoting sustainable development and called for the reform of the United Nations and its agencies. The Summit urged developed countries to honour their commitments to cut carbon emissions and to work with member states in the eradication of poverty.

The theme of the Summit was “ 3 Continents; 3 Oceans 1 Common Destiny: Building a Resilient and Sustainable OACPS.

During the exchange of views with the Members of the ACP Working Party, the discussions focused on the war in Ukraine, EU measures to mitigate the effects of Global Warming and help eradicate poverty, and geopolitical challenges.

Since his assumption of Office in 2020, Secretary-General Chikoti has made it a priority to meet with the ACP Working Party of the European Council during each of the successive Presidencies of the European Council.