Brussels 29.08.2023 – As the world anticipates the unfolding discussions at COP28, the Organization of African, Caribbean, and Pacific States (OACPS) kickstarted its preparations with a High-level Round-table. This significant gathering involved OACPS Members, Regional Organisations and negotiating Groups, as well as key partners.

Secretary-General H.E. Georges Pinto Rebelo Chikoti, addressing the assembly, ardently communicated the commitment of OACPS in ensuring the realization of the Paris Agreement. “OACPS is not just a spectator; we are committed to emerging as a robust global player in actualizing the mandates of the #ParisAgreement,” he affirmed.

Drawing attention to the recent revelations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, Mr. Chikoti underscored the resonance of its findings with the concerns at the heart of OACPS. “The clarion call has been sounded. The IPCC report reiterates the urgent, ambitious, and accelerated action required on our part. It mirrors the core issues that have been a matter of intense concern for our member nations,” he emphasized.

With a future-forward approach, the Secretary-General highlighted two pivotal aspects. Firstly, he called for the formulation of a concrete roadmap that targets the doubling of adaptation finance by 2025, enabling countries to better navigate the challenges of climate change. Secondly, he shed light on the vital need to operationalise the #Loss and Damage Fund – a significant outcome of COP27.

“The vision is clear, the goals are set, and the roadmap must now be etched. OACPS, with its diverse representation, aims to be a beacon of hope, action, and resilience in the upcoming COP28,” he concluded.

This Round-table signifies the concerted efforts of OACPS and its partners in laying a strong foundation for the discussions and commitments expected at COP28. #OACPS #COP28 #IPCC #ParisAgreement