Brussels, 22 September 2020/OACPS: The Committee of Ambassadors (CoA) of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) warmly welcomed H.E. Mr. Jean Omer Beriziky as he returned to their midst during the hybrid 931st session of the CoA on Tuesday, 22 September 2020.

An academic and statesman with a long and rich political career, Ambassador Beriziky has worked tirelessly to promote democracy and political stability in his country, the Republic of Madagascar. Former Prime Minister and Head of the Government of National Transitional Unity from 2011 to 2014, H.E. Beriziky’s statesmanship was evident as he worked with all stakeholders to resolve his country’s political crisis.

Ambassador Beriziky served for almost 11 years, from 1995 to 2006 as Ambassador of the Republic of Madagascar to the Kingdom of Belgium and as Permanent Representative of his country to the European Union. He also had the honour of chairing the CoA of the then, ACP Group. During that period, he was able to contribute to preserving the cohesion of the Group at a critical moment of its history. In 2012, he returned to the CoA to report on the progress made by his government within the framework of the political transition.

On his return to the CoA, Amp. Beriziky acknowledged “the excellent work carried out to date in order to effectively achieve a new partnership framework with the EU, that is more suited to the realities of the 21st Century and which is capable of bringing tangible mutual advantages.”

Nonetheless, recognising the enormity of the challenges that lay ahead for the Members of the OACPS, he offered the ready assistance of his delegation to assist the the CoA and the Organisation as a whole: “The recurring question of the socio-economic development of our countries, amplified by the upheaval linked to the health crisis of COVID-19, invite us today, more than ever, to come together in a spirit of solidarity and with a firmer determination to make our Organization an effective player on the international scene.”

As the OACPS faces another critical moment of its history, the members of the CoA were happy to once again welcome Amb. Beriziky to their midst, to contribute his experience in active, bilateral and multilateral diplomacy and assured him of their full support during his tenure.