Brussels, 10 March 2020/ACP: At the 9thAfrican, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Summit of Heads of State and Government, ACP leaders endorsed the Nairobi Nguvu Ya Pamoja Declaration. The Declaration, which lays out the Group’s position on issues such as good governance, peace and security and environmental sustainability and climate change, among others, outlines commitments by ACP leaders for the next three years to revitalize the ACP Group to be more dynamic and focused on multilateralism, sustainable development and growth.

The 9th Summit, themed “A Transformed ACP Committed to Multilateralism”, was held in Nairobi, Kenya from 9-10 December.

President the Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, Chair of the ACP Summit, pledged his country’s support, “to promote and protect the interests of the Group at the regional, continental and international levels.” He also promised to “champion the Group’s solidarity and unity” and to continue to promote the continued integration of ACP States into the Global Economy.

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Photo: Heads of State and Government at the 9th ACP Summit in Nairobi, Kenya