Brussels, 6 June 2022/OACPS: For over four decades the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS), formerly the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) States, has dedicated itself to ensuring the betterment of the people of the six OACPS regions. This monumental task has been achieved through the dedication and hard work of individuals from across all of our regions, working together as a team.

Today’s OACPS is the result of the recognition by leaders across our three overarching regions that we could achieve more by coming together as one. Convinced of the power of unity, they committed to cooperating and uniting the persons of the African Diaspora to create an Organisation that could benefit generations to come. They also recognised that to move ahead, we needed to collaborate multilaterally with local, regional and international organisations.

The OACPS is in a period of transition and change. Much needed reforms are being implemented to bring our beloved Organisation to where it needs to be. We may not always hit the mark the first time, but it is important that we continue to strive to be the best we can be, because the lives of 1.2 billion persons across the OACPS depend on us.

As we celebrate the 47th anniversary of the ACP Group and the 2nd anniversary of OACPS Founders Day, we salute the contributions of those who have brought the OACPS to where it is today and congratulate the leadership and staff of this esteemed Organisation for their continued efforts.

Long live the OACPS!

Congratulatory Messages on the occasion of the 2nd OACPS Foundation Day:
President of the 9th Summit of OACPS Heads of State and Government
Chair of the OACPS Council of Ministers
Secretary-General of the OACPS