The Department of Political Affairs and Human Development (PAHD) manages the implementation of international partnerships in the areas of human development and monitors the political situation in its member states. It defines strategies and manages the resulting programs, particularly in the key sectors of health, education, science and technology, migration and mobility, urbanization, culture, and demography.

The Department provides advocacy in favor of the interests of Member States and ensures the mobilization and engagement of stakeholders, including civil society and the Diaspora, while promoting women’s leadership and youth participation in the development process.

The PAHD Department also coordinates the work of the ACP-EU Parliamentary Assembly (ACP-EU PA), the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly (ACP-EU JPA) and the ACP-EU Regional Parliamentary Assemblies (RPA).

Assistant Secretary-General: Mr Norbert Richard IBRAHIM

Deputy Secretary General in charge of the Department of Political Affairs and Human Development – Citizen of the Republic of Madagascar.

A diplomat by profession, Dr. Norbert Richard Ibrahim studied at the Law Faculties of Antananarivo, Paris XI and Aix-en-Provence. He is also a graduate of the Diplomatic Section of the International Institute of Public Administration in Paris (IIAP). He has held key positions in the Malagasy Ministry of Foreign Affairs, notably dealing with the African Union, the United Nations, the European Union and the Francophonie.

In Madagascar, he was designated as the UN focal point for counter-terrorism and participated in political crisis resolution processes in the region. He has also contributed to various initiatives aimed at developing regional cooperation and integration in Africa.

As Minister Counselor and Chargé d’Affaires ad interim of the Embassy of Madagascar in Brussels from 2005 to 2020, he was an active member of the Drafting Committee of the revised Georgetown Agreement. He also actively participated in the work of the Group of Francophone Ambassadors in Brussels, particularly during the Malagasy Presidency of the Francophonie Summit and took part in the negotiations of the new OACPS-EU Partnership Agreement.

The projects and programmes of the department are

  • Cultural Affairs, Migration, Demography and Urbanisation
  • Partnerships and Engagement, Politics and Institutions, Peace and Security
  • Education, Health, Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Coordination of the Inter-Regional Organisations Coordination Committee
  • Coordination of the Cultural Foundation
  • OACPS Parliamentary Assembly, OACPS-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly

Recent news from the PAHD Department